VK Dairy is an ongoing journey started with the purpose of providing pure food experiences. Initially it was begun with dairy and dairy supplies with the key attribute of having control of all the touch points of the process. To always have quality in eye view and that it can be supervised was the founding principle. While this continues, we are diversifying into organic food products, sweets and savouries. We are also working to elevating the customer experience by foraying into the natural, premium farm fresh space with both traditional dairy offerings and new innovative ones. New concepts around packaging and dispensing of butter, cheese and the revival of traditional, forgotten recipes are on the anvil. Behind VK Dairy are the founders Vamshi Chandagari and Deepya Reddy.
Absolute Junction
A buy, meet, chat, time pass place. Also a nutrition and pure snacking venue. Great for school children, young people, working people. Anyone who wants to have a snack on the move, or sit and enjoy a well made, pure milk-based drink – shakes, smoothies, lassi or kulfi. Sweets, savouries or a pizza and a burger. Pure ghee, cream and milk from our farms are also the offerings. Plus a smart place to order your milk for the month or get an app to deliver your favourite Absolute product or snack. Absolute Junction is proposed to be a network of junctions that will be the one stop for all things pure dairy and snacks.
White Labelling
Our robust multi product manufacturing infrastructure backed by a strong team helps us do white labelling in an organised manner.We can white label a range of products – curds, milk, paneer and more. We do this with a dedicated team and physical storage and processing spaces provided for the customer. Access to our systems and technology is a given and they take home the benefits of production efficiencies, strong quality control measures and an absolute transparent approach to the whole contract process. As we are located on a large farm, space is never a constraint for storage pre or post production. Currently we are doing white labelling of approx. 5000 kl of milk products.To utilise our white labelling services, get in touch with us:
We are growing. Our markets and customers are an ever-expanding lot. Our chain of Junction outlets which cater to diverse needs of snacking, product purchase and product distribution are a key input in our customer reach-out strategy. Junction outlets range from 200-400 sft. They are brand points and allow the customers to meet, relax, eat on the go and connect, while they experience the purity and quality of the range of Absolute offerings. Cooked food is organised from a central kitchen and the basic specs are all worked out. We are actively looking for franchisees in Hyderabad and Secunderabad to add to the growing population of Junction outlets. To enquire or interested in our franchisee programme, get in touch with us:
Product Lines
Currently we have 5 product lines.
1. A premium dairy food line under the Absolute brand umbrella. Milk, ghee, curds, white butter and paneer are its offerings. Cow and buffalo variants it is our fastest growing brand line.
2. Our farm fresh line which has super premium dairy products under the Gaveena brand umbrella. Niche range, it caters to the specialised needs of enhanced purity and super premium quality.
3. Our range of Junction outlets which are part of our customer reach out initiatives. Eat, meet, snack on the move, buying point and more. Junction outlets serve as quick service restaurants with their own brand of savouries, sweets and drinks under the Snackerz name.
4. A never before, unique light water – deuterium depleted water(DDW) available as Fitness and Therapy water. With strong foundations in antioxidants and cell replenishment, our Panacea DDW is available as ice and water – both plain and sparkling variants.
5. Our range of Absolute organic products – vegetables and fruits grown in our own farms and sourced from select growers.
Financial Statements
VK Dairy Essentials is a private limited company. With several product lines and well supported with plants and infrastructure, the entity intends to grow and expand into markets across the country. With an accent on quality, purity and value realisation, we are a profit making entity. To view the relevant financial statements or go through the proceedings, download them here.